Weekly Giveaways

Thanks to many fellow bloggers and talented nail artists alike, I've learned a lot about nails in the past few months since I've started really "doing" my nails. Instead of just quickly slapping on the closest color I can find, I now spend countless hours deciding what design to do, what colors to use, and what top coat I want.

After finally creating our own blog, we began following other nail bloggers to share ideas and get inspired. With an ever increasing selection of nail polishes available, it's impossible to get everything you would ever want. But we've discovered a good way to expand our collection with unique polishes is to enter giveaways. To help out our readers, we've decided to create a weekly post of giveaways we've found and loved! Enjoy :)
Hopefully we can soon reach one of these momentous follower numbers and host a giveaway of our own!

~ Nailed by Ericka ~

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