My Nocturnal Life

Since we've started this blog I feel a bit disappointed in myself that I'm not getting photos of all of nail polishes I wear. Like most things I miss out on I blame it on my crazy work schedule. I am a registered nurse and I work nights. I drive approximately 30 minutes to and from work and work 12-13 hours shifts, the rest of my day is spent sleeping, showering and eating. There isnt much time for anything else. On days when I work I don't usually have time to get photos of the manicures i wear.  Which is disappointing because I wear some really nice polishes to work. The last two days I've had OPI DS Magic on. It is beautiful, sparkly blue/purple. Typically after a few days of work the polish starts to chip and peel. When I am at work I wash my hands probably 40 times in a 12 hour shift, I also use hand sanitizer constantly, its hard find nail polish that will stand up to that. OPI definitely passed my test. By the end of 2 days of work I had only mild tip wear. Sadly I didnt get any photos of this polish on my nails, in large part because the real beauty of the polish would be difficult to capture with the camera, especially in artificial light. Which brings me to my next point.
When it comes to taking pictures of my nails I depend on my youngest brother. First of all he has a really nice camera, I actually don't even own a camera anymore, so he gets great really detailed pictures. Also he is studying graphic design and he is just more artistic than me, he knows how to make boring pictures of finger nails look interesting. The only problem is that sometimes natural light is best for capturing the look of certain polishes, OPI DS Magic for example, or the one I'm wearing today China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Since I work nights  I rarely am awake during the day, even on my days off so I usually wait til about midnight to try to force him to photograph my nails. I have to give him credit for always getting good pics even with the crappy lighting.
Here's the nail photos for today:
2 coats China Glaze Ruby Pumps and 1 coat SV on top
This polish is so sparkly I could stare at it all day

~Nailed by Jen~

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