Peach's Double Lightning Bolt

So after seeing all of the amazing nail art designs at Nailside I had to try one of the designs.  I chose to attempt the double lightning bolt.  I replicated the "Cute double lightning bolt".  I really loved the colors of these nails and decided that I would try to match them with my nail polishes.  I titled this post Peach's Double Lightning Bolt, because these colors remind me of Peach from Super Mario, and I think that if she had painted nails they would be done like these :)

Jen picked me up a set of the OPI Nice Stems sample polishes last Friday from her big haul, so I decided to test them out. I stated with 2 coats of OPI Play the Peonies.  This was my first time using these tiny bottles and I completely love them.  I love small, tiny products :)  I think that it may be because I'm only 5ft tall, so I believe that small things are cute. Next, I cut what seemed to be millions of pieces of tape, but in reality it was only 20 triangle and 20 strips of tape.  You need 2 triangles and 2 strips per nail.  I tried to make all the triangles similar, but I definitely didn't :)

Once the base coat dried I taped off the first bolt design and painted it using Petites Sand Dune.  This is a lovely coppery-gold color.  This polish dried super quick, which was perfect for this manicure. The second bolt color is OPI Come to Poppy.  I topped the whole thing with a coat of SV.
OPI Play the Peonies, Petities Sand Dune, & OPI Come to Poppy

Left Hand

Right Hand
So I totally love my nails!  I know that they aren't perfect and that some of the bolts are a little messed up but from a distance you can't really tell.  I think I did pretty good for it being my first attempt.  I will definitely be trying this design in the future with different color combinations.  What do you think?

Also I wanted to show you how I dressed up my nails from Tuesday.  I really loved the color from Fly Away, so I decided to add a layer of OPI Black Shatter.  I have had this polish for quite awhile and have only really used it once before, so I figured it was about time.  I also added a top coat of SV.  I was a little nervous at first about adding the shiny top coat over the matte top coat, but it turned out just fine.  I really liked the effect of the Nubar 2010 peaking out from under the crackle.
OPI Black Shatter, Sinful Colors Fly Away, Nubar 2010, Sech Vite
~Nailed by Brittany~


Sandra | August 6, 2011 at 7:55 AM

This looks awesome!

Brittany, Jen, & Ericka | August 7, 2011 at 7:39 PM

Thanks! It was a time consuming process, but with a little practice I think it will go quicker.

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