Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween.  Ericka and I weren't able to pass out candy because we live in a closed apartment building, but that's ok.  Just wanted to quickly show off our Halloween manis.  We both did 2 coats of Revlon Tangerine.  I added a spider to my ring finger for a little more spookiness :)

And since we were both wearing the same color, I had the brilliant idea that we could take pictures together.  So here is your official warning...these may be the weirdest photos that you have ever seen.  So either enjoy....or leave now.
All the pictures were taken outside with a flash.  It gets dark early now.  Boo!

We are pretty boring, but this orange is very pretty.  I'm not a huge fan of orange polish and I think this looked a little weird with my skintone, but I still really liked it.

Do you have any favorite orange polishes?  Let us know!

~Nailed by Brittany (& Ericka's nails)~

25 Followers Giveaway Winner!

So our first giveaway is official over and we have chosen a winner.  We used random.org to pick the winner.

Congrats Jacki!!!

We have emailed Jacki, and she has 48 hours to respond. 

Thanks again to everyone for entering.  We have had so much fun with the blog and all of your support means so much to us. 

~Nailed by Ericka, Brittany & Jen~

Double Stamp, French Tip & Traffic Jam

So I recently saw on a blog (and of course, I can't find it now) where they did a double stamp.  I really liked the look of it, so I decided to give it a try.  I started with one coat of China Glaze Traffic Jam.  I love this polish. It is a beautiful raspberry creme.  Its lovely and so pretty alone :)  Next I used the cheetah stamp with Ulta Scene Steel-er.  This polish is beyond amazing for stamping and I would highly recommend it for anyone who loves to stamp with silver polish.  Once that was dry I stamped again with Orly Liquid Vinyl.  I finished the whole look with free-handed french tips.  This was the first time that I tried to free hand a french tip, and I'm pretty proud of the way that they turned out.
Taken inside with the flash.

Without flash. 

Here is the sweater I wore with my nails.  It matched the color :)
So as you can see my pictures are not the best.  There really isn't a color accurate photo, but I'm sure that you can find much better swatch of Traffic Jam on other blogs.  Overall, I liked this.  However, it was a little much for me.  I also tested (on paper) with Royal Cloak and actually liked the look of that better.  So maybe next time.  So what do you think?  Do you think there is any other stamp patterns that would look good double stamped?

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~Nailed by Brittany~

Go Go Nubar

As the end of October draws closer, my options/ ideas for pink polishes are also coming to an end. Although I know that there is no way I have exhausted all of our options, I just can't seem to find pinks on the shelf that interest me anymore. I saw this one laying out the other day and decided to give it a try. I later realized that Brittany had shared this as well, but I am out of mani's to show you!

I put on 2 layers of China Glaze - Go Go Pink. The formula was great and went on without any difficulty. I wanted a little bit of something extra to spice it up, so I went to the old favorite... Nubar 2010! I thought that it would look best to put it on all of my nails rather than just doing an accent. The result was as lovely as I would have expected with Nubar flakes :)

Both of these were taken in the best light possible in our apartment :(

As the Ohio weather takes a turn for the worse, I promise that we will try to find a better solution for our lighting problem. Lighting (and more aggrivating... cell phone service) is extremely poor in our apartment!

Be sure to enter the Giveaway! Only 2 more days!
~ Nailed by Ericka ~

Lite Pink

Real life has gotten especially busy lately, leaving me with little time to paint my nails, let alone write about it. So I'm keeping this post short. For the month of October Sally's has a display of all pink polishes for breast cancer awareness. I picked up today's polish, China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted,  on a whim and actually by the time I got it home I wasn't particularly fond of it as it looked in the bottle.

3 Coats Exceptionally Gifted topped with SV
However this polish turned out to be a nice surprise, what looked like a dull medium pink in the bottle turned out to be a shimmery light pink on the nail. The formula was a bit shear but with 3 coats I got decent coverage.

In florescent lighting.
My only issue, and I seem to have this problem with all China Glaze polishes, is that after a day (or less) it started chipping off in flakes. Does anyone else have this problem with China Glaze?

~Nailed by Jen~

Way Out Fuscia

So last week I picked up a new nail polish that I had never heard of at our local Rite Aid.  I thought they were having a sale on nail polishes, but of course I was wrong and the sale was the week prior.  But that didn't stop me from picking a few goodies :)  To continue with the Breast Cancer Awareness, I wanted to get a new and exciting pink.  I saw this polish and I knew that I had a winner.

The polish is called Hedy's ma.nish.ma holographic nail color.  It bit of a mouthful.  The color is called Way Out Fuscia.  Now don't get to excited because this polish isn't really holographic but its more of a duochrome.  Either way, its very pretty.  The polish itself is extremely sheer so instead of doing millions of layers I decided that I would just do 2 coats over Petites Pink Aura.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the base color alone, but its a very pretty coral-ish pink color. 

Unfortunately, the weather last week was awful and I was forced to take pictures inside, and lets just say that the lighting in our apartment leaves something to be desired.  So I ended up taking close to 20 photos and none of them are amazing, but they are what I have and I do want to share it with you.
These were taken in our bathroom.  Its about the best place for light in the apartment.  This was with the flash.

This color is very pretty and I actually liked it better not in direct light.

Trying to show you that there is some orange and purple in there :)

This one shows the purple color the best.  Sorry its blurry.
Has anyone ever heard of this nail polish?  There were a few other colors at the store, purple, silver, and either green or blue (I can't remember right now.)  Also, sorry for being MIA for the past couple of days.  It seems like all weekends are crazy busy anymore.

Also, don't forget to enter our 25 Followers Giveaway!  It ends this Friday :)

~Nailed by Brittany~

Pink Cheetah

I decided to finally get around to using the cheetah print stamp. Brittany and Jen both have showed you this stamp before, but it's my first time using it. I usually gravitate toward the swirls or patterns, so an animal print was a bit of a change.

I started this mani with 2 coats of China Glaze - Strawberry Fields. This color has a lovely gold shimmer in it. The application was amazing and the finished look was beautiful. To spice it up, I used Orly - Liquid Vinyl to stamp the cheetah print. I know Liquid Vinyl also comes up quite a bit on this blog, but it is honestly the best black I've found to stamp with.

I'm going to apologize in advance for the poor photo quality. I've been getting home from work late and the weather outside has also been rainy, so indoor photos will have to do.

P.S. Keep entering the giveaway!

~ Nailed by Ericka~

Topped It With A Bow

To continue the pink, I decided to finally show you the pink from my first Julep Maven box.  As you have probably seen on other nail blogs, this is from my August "American Beauty" box.  Cameron is a lovely creme pink.  The application was nice and easy.  I did 2 coats, but if you are a better painter than me you could possibly get away with just one. As much as I liked the color, I wanted to add a little something.  I decided a bow would be pretty on just my ring finger.  I used Orly Liquid Vinyl for the bow.  The stamp image that I used has lines that make it go across the whole nail, but I just wanted the bow so I attempted to not stamp the sides.  I did much better on my right hand then my left hand, but with more practice I'm sure I could do better.

Taken outside. This is my left hand bow.

Take inside with the flash.  This is my right hand :)  It doesn't make an appearance that often.
Overall, I was really happy with the way this came out.  Just cute enough!  Now, I know that lots of people had issues with Julep and the Maven program, but I have been pretty happy with their services so far.  And I really like their polishes.  I only have 4 polishes and the base coat (I skipped the September box), but I have only paid $5 for all those polishes.  I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep my membership.  Guess I will just have to wait and see what they want to send me next :)

Did you sign up for Julep?  Do you like it?  Also, don't forget to enter our 25 Follower Giveaway!

~Nailed by Brittany~

Excuse Moi

The other day I was lucky enough to get about half of O.P.I's Holiday 2011 colleciton inspired by The Muppets Movie. I've been excited about this collection for a while so I was thrilled to get my hands on a few bottles (and a few more that I picked up for Brittany). Going with our Pink October theme I decided to wear 'Excuse Moi' first. 'Excuse Moi' is has a rose pink base with silver micro glitter and small multicolored (silver, gold, green, blue, orange, pink) hexagonal glitters.

2 Coats 'Excuse Moi' 2 Coats SV in indoor lighting
Not only is this polish gorgeous, like a party on my nails, but it gets the best coverage ever for a glitter. Typically I have to put glitter on a base color or coat it on super thick, but even with 1 coat of 'Excuse Moi' I was pleased with the coverage, you could still see the nail but the pink color was obvious and the glitter was evenly distributed. I went with 2 coats and it was opaque with tons of glitters, it went on smooth and wasn't chunky at all which is another problem I have with glitter polish. It dried a bit bumpy but the Seche Vite took care of that.

In natural light, click to enlarge the pic its so much prettier when you can see all the colors.
So far I have 'Excuse Moi' plus all of the reds and neutrals from this collection and 'Excuse Moi' is my favorite by far though they are all gorgeous. Currently I'm awaiting the rest of the glitters which my lovely cousin picked up for me this weekend. When I get them I'm planning to swatch and post the whole collection, but for now enjoy the beauty that is 'Excuse Moi'
~Nailed by Jen~

Fifth Avenue Left A Message

The mani I'm bringing you today is from a while ago, but it fits with our October theme. I wanted something simple, but with a little bit of pop.

I started off with 2 coats of China Glaze - Fifth Avenue. This polish has a creme finish and is a dusty mauve-y pink. The application was great and was an easy clean-up. I added Finger Paints - Hue Left A Message? to both ring fingers. This color is a pink glitter in a clear base. The glitter matched perfectly and really looked great. I topped off the mani with Orly - Sec' N Dry topcoat.

Indoor lighting due to the rainy weather outside.

Another indoor shot

On a side note, I use to love Seche Vite as a topcoat and still think that it is the best topcoat out there. However, I am trying to find topcoats that are "Big 3-Free." So far I haven't found any that are as wonderful as SV. Do you have any suggestions?

~ Nailed by Ericka ~

Pink Flamingo

Last week, I wanted to add a few more nail polishes to our 25 Followers Giveaway, so Ericka and I made a little trip down to Sally's to look at what they had.  We decided since was are doing all pink nails in October to support Breast Cancer Awareness month that another pink would be a nice addition to the giveaway.  And the result was Ultra Pro Pink Flamingo.  Of course, we also had to purchase a bottle for ourselves.

This is actually my first bottle of Ultra Pro.  Jen owes and loves the ones that she has, so I knew that it was going to be good.  Well let's just say that I wasn't disappointed :)  I started with a base coat of Orly Ridgefiller and then did 2 coats of Pink Flamingo and topped it off with a coat of SV.  The formula was very nice with this polish, not to thick but not runny.  I also really love the color of this pink.  Its a nice candy pink, but not so candy that it reads too little girl.
In the sun.  This is the most color accurate photo.
Sunshine!  I'm nervous that its going to start hiding soon :)

Do you own any Ultra Pro polishes?  Do you have a favorite? 

Also, don't forget to enter our 25 Followers Giveaway if you haven't done so already :)

~Nailed by Brittany~

Go Pink!

The school I teach at has also adopted Pink October. During this month, the student council has planned different activities to raise awareness about breast cancer. This past weekend, the students dressed in pink at school and football game to show support. Along with wearing pink, I decided show my support through my mani. With a little tape, some luck, and a lot of time, I was able to create what looked somewhat similar to the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon.

To complete this mani, I started by painting all of my nails (except the ring) with China Glaze - Rich and Famous. I put on 2 coats to achieve a level, finished look. On my ring fingers, I used Ulta - Encore Pink. Once this dried, I used OPI - Alpine Snow to stamp a plaid design on these 2 fingers. The stamp was one of the designs off of the BM 60 plate.

Once all of my nails were dry, I started attempting to cut out ribbon designs with a razor blade and cutting mat. I probably attemtped about 10 different ribbons before getting 2 that I liked. I put the tape ribbon on my ring fingers and painted over it with Rich and Famous. Once the tape was peeled off, I was left with a plaid ribbon that really stood out!

Outside in the sunshine

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Overall, I was really impressed with the final outcome. Although I've done tape mani's in the past, this was the most intricate design I've ever attemtped. I was pretty pleased with myself :)

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~Nailed by Ericka~

Pretty Sparkly Pink

Today I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Reds and Neutrals portion of OPI's Muppets (Holiday 2011) Collection (YAY), so I've spent the last 3-4 hours swatching, photographing and emailing these polishes, which means I'm gonna keep this post short! Before I start though let me just say I absolutely love the Muppets Collection already and I only own half!
Today's pink polish is Sally Hansen HD 'Byte'. I don't have a ton of drugstore polish but this one was so shiny and pink I had to get it. Its a fuchsia base with pink and blue glitters that looks beautiful in any light at any angle.

3 coats of Byte with 1 coat SV
This polish is super dynamic. In outdoor light the pink color gives off and iridescent purple/blue shimmer indoors its pure bright pink. The formula is pretty sheer so it took 3 coats, but the polish is fairly thin so it wasn't clumpy or thick on the nails.

Outside on a cloudy evening.
I rarely repeat polishes close together but I actually wore this one twice in the last 2 weeks. I just loved the way it looked, I couldn't stop staring when I had it on. I even did my toenails with it last night!

Inside under artificial light.
As you can see by the photos it really does alternate from a fuchsia to a dark pink depending on the lighting. Plus this polish passed my most important test, it held up through two 12 hour shifts at work with very minimal chipping!
~Nailed by Jen~
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25 Follower Giveaway! - CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone for entering!

So we finally made it to 25 followers and to celebrate we are going to give back to all of you.  This is our first giveaway and fingers crossed, it goes well.  We have decided to give away 11 nail polishes.  Here are the pics:
All of the polishes :)
E.L.F. Mango Madness, Blue Mist, Fuchsia, Lilac & Purple Pleaser
Sally Hansen Dahila, Savvy Ruby Slippers, & Ultra Pro Pink Flamingo
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Very Cherry, Midnight Sky & Deep Blue Sea
Hope you like the polishes!  Enter below:

~Nailed by Jen, Ericka & Brittany~

Dreamy Pink Glitter

Today, I'm going to share with you a Pure Ice polish.  I never really had that many Pure Ice polishes, but Ericka had quite a few.  I also just saw Pure Ice Superstar on a blog (I can't remember which one now) and I really wanted it.  Ericka and I searched the local Walmart but sadly no luck.  However, I did find Dreamy, which reminded me of Superstar just with a pink color and different type of glitter.  Well with that description makes it sound like they are nothing alike.  And I'm sure they aren't the same really, but they are both pretty.

I ended up doing 2 coats for this mani.  The polish is a coral pink color with a jelly finish.  The glitter was small iridescent glitter.  I loved the squishy-ness of this polish and the glitter was pretty to look at. Overall, I was both really happy with the application and the look of this polish.  For $2 its a win for me :)
Sunny!  This week is turning out to be beautiful :)

The glitter is so pretty!
I'm really loving jelly polishes lately.  What are some of your favorites?

~Nailed by Brittany~

P.S. We promise that we will have the giveaway up by this weekend :)


Today's pink is actually from a mani that I did quite a while ago. Currently, my finger painting skills are on the decline. I have some grand ideas to support October's themes, but we'll see how well they pan out. This past weekend, I suffered a nail catastrophe... the nail on my ring finger on my photo hand broke! Luckily, it didn't break all the way across, and Brittany wisely encouraged me to research "tea-bagging" techniques. I was a little nervous at first, but after specifying that I was referring to nails, I found some really helpful tips on how to salvage the nail. With an empty tea bag and nail glue, I was able to form a protective layer over my nail and am happy to say that it is still intact today (4 days later!).

The color I used for this mani was from the Color Club Poptastic Collection. I picked up this set at TJ Maxx a while back and fell in love with the bright colors. This color is called Poptastic. The bright pink is a perfect color to say goodbye to summer and get ready for the cold coming our way!

Outside in the sunshine

Bright, sunshining day!

In in the shade

Thank you to all of our followers! We are in the process of setting up a form for a Giveaway! Stay tuned!

~ Nailed by Ericka ~

Its Go Go Pink

To continue in our quest of honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have 2 more pink polishes to show you.  This past weekend was the wedding of a close friend and Ericka and I went back to my hometown to celebrate.  On the way there, I needed to return a dress that I had purchased and later decided to not wear.  Well it just so happens that there was a Sally's 2 doors down, and we just had to stop. I, thankfully, picked up 4 new polishes (3 of which were pink :)

Sally's is currently offering all kinds of polishes that contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  I picked up a double pack of Seche Vite Top Coat and China Glaze Go Go Pink.  I decided to use the Go Go Pink.  I did 3 coats and then added Finger Paints Pink Imagination to my ring fingers.  Go Go Pink is a lovely candy pale pink.  I had a little trouble with the application.  I had some bald spots, but after the second coat I probably would have been fine with 2 coats, but I did 3 for good measure. 
Taken outside with my body as the shade.

Taken in the sun.  Yay we had sun today!
I really love both of these colors and I think they worked pretty nicely together too!  I also wanted to mention that I'm so excited because Jen and I have been lucky enough to get some of the new polishes from the OPI Muppets Collection.  So we will be sharing those goodies later...yay!!

~Nailed by Brittany~

Pink Leopard

I know its a few days late but this is our first October post so its up to me to make the announcement; Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month for the whole month we are going to (try) to do only pink nails. And I'm getting us started with 2 different pink leopard prints. Last week I finally gave in and got some nail stamping stuff so both of these mani's are done with Konad Plate m57.

2 Coats O.P.I. Pinking of You stamped with O.P.I. Be A Dahlia Won't You
For my first leopard print manicure I wanted pink on pink. Pink is my favorite color, especially for polish, so I have tons of pinks and choosing exactly the right ones was a challenge. Instead of over thinking I let my mom pick for me. She chose O.P.I. Pink-ing of You which I loved as a base. For such a light color it had great coverage and only took 2 coats to achieve opacity. I used Be A Dahlia Won't You to stamp and it was a nice contrast. So good picks Mom!

These photos were taken under the florescent lights at Wal-Mart because the lighting sucks at my house :)
For the second leopard mani I did something I've seen all over and been wanting to try for a while. A black leopard print on white with neon spots. This past week I've been a little under the weather (I have shingles) so being the nice friends that they are Brittany and Ericka brought me ORLY Oh Cabana Boy. Oh Cabana Boy is probably one of the prettiest neon pinks I've ever seen, so I was super excited to use it for this manicure.

2 Coats O.P.I. Alpine Snow stamped with ORLY Liquid Vinyl and dotted with ORLY Oh Cabana Boy
I've seen some people do nearly this same manicure freehand but I just don't have the artistic ability for that. So I painted a white base topped it with Seche Vite, then stamped with ORLY Liquid Vinyl. When that dried I used the dotting tool to very carefully put the pink spots in the dark circles from the stamps. I was pretty proud of how it turned out.

In natural light
One last announcement before i go; we've finally reached 25 followers so we'll be announcing details about the giveaway soon! Have a good day everyone!
~Nailed by Jen~