Go Go Nubar

As the end of October draws closer, my options/ ideas for pink polishes are also coming to an end. Although I know that there is no way I have exhausted all of our options, I just can't seem to find pinks on the shelf that interest me anymore. I saw this one laying out the other day and decided to give it a try. I later realized that Brittany had shared this as well, but I am out of mani's to show you!

I put on 2 layers of China Glaze - Go Go Pink. The formula was great and went on without any difficulty. I wanted a little bit of something extra to spice it up, so I went to the old favorite... Nubar 2010! I thought that it would look best to put it on all of my nails rather than just doing an accent. The result was as lovely as I would have expected with Nubar flakes :)

Both of these were taken in the best light possible in our apartment :(

As the Ohio weather takes a turn for the worse, I promise that we will try to find a better solution for our lighting problem. Lighting (and more aggrivating... cell phone service) is extremely poor in our apartment!

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~ Nailed by Ericka ~

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