Excuse Moi

The other day I was lucky enough to get about half of O.P.I's Holiday 2011 colleciton inspired by The Muppets Movie. I've been excited about this collection for a while so I was thrilled to get my hands on a few bottles (and a few more that I picked up for Brittany). Going with our Pink October theme I decided to wear 'Excuse Moi' first. 'Excuse Moi' is has a rose pink base with silver micro glitter and small multicolored (silver, gold, green, blue, orange, pink) hexagonal glitters.

2 Coats 'Excuse Moi' 2 Coats SV in indoor lighting
Not only is this polish gorgeous, like a party on my nails, but it gets the best coverage ever for a glitter. Typically I have to put glitter on a base color or coat it on super thick, but even with 1 coat of 'Excuse Moi' I was pleased with the coverage, you could still see the nail but the pink color was obvious and the glitter was evenly distributed. I went with 2 coats and it was opaque with tons of glitters, it went on smooth and wasn't chunky at all which is another problem I have with glitter polish. It dried a bit bumpy but the Seche Vite took care of that.

In natural light, click to enlarge the pic its so much prettier when you can see all the colors.
So far I have 'Excuse Moi' plus all of the reds and neutrals from this collection and 'Excuse Moi' is my favorite by far though they are all gorgeous. Currently I'm awaiting the rest of the glitters which my lovely cousin picked up for me this weekend. When I get them I'm planning to swatch and post the whole collection, but for now enjoy the beauty that is 'Excuse Moi'
~Nailed by Jen~

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