Pink Leopard

I know its a few days late but this is our first October post so its up to me to make the announcement; Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month for the whole month we are going to (try) to do only pink nails. And I'm getting us started with 2 different pink leopard prints. Last week I finally gave in and got some nail stamping stuff so both of these mani's are done with Konad Plate m57.

2 Coats O.P.I. Pinking of You stamped with O.P.I. Be A Dahlia Won't You
For my first leopard print manicure I wanted pink on pink. Pink is my favorite color, especially for polish, so I have tons of pinks and choosing exactly the right ones was a challenge. Instead of over thinking I let my mom pick for me. She chose O.P.I. Pink-ing of You which I loved as a base. For such a light color it had great coverage and only took 2 coats to achieve opacity. I used Be A Dahlia Won't You to stamp and it was a nice contrast. So good picks Mom!

These photos were taken under the florescent lights at Wal-Mart because the lighting sucks at my house :)
For the second leopard mani I did something I've seen all over and been wanting to try for a while. A black leopard print on white with neon spots. This past week I've been a little under the weather (I have shingles) so being the nice friends that they are Brittany and Ericka brought me ORLY Oh Cabana Boy. Oh Cabana Boy is probably one of the prettiest neon pinks I've ever seen, so I was super excited to use it for this manicure.

2 Coats O.P.I. Alpine Snow stamped with ORLY Liquid Vinyl and dotted with ORLY Oh Cabana Boy
I've seen some people do nearly this same manicure freehand but I just don't have the artistic ability for that. So I painted a white base topped it with Seche Vite, then stamped with ORLY Liquid Vinyl. When that dried I used the dotting tool to very carefully put the pink spots in the dark circles from the stamps. I was pretty proud of how it turned out.

In natural light
One last announcement before i go; we've finally reached 25 followers so we'll be announcing details about the giveaway soon! Have a good day everyone!
~Nailed by Jen~


Fingers | October 4, 2011 at 6:10 AM

Not a pink fan-but love the leopard print!

Beauty on a College budget | October 11, 2011 at 3:14 PM

LOVE theses manis!!!!! I love animal print and I love that you did it pink. I did hot pink nails for this week and tonight I'm going to be painting them a pink glitter, I'm doing pink all month to support my aunt doing the 3day walk for breast cancer

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