Feeling a Litte Blue & Guest Nails

So, last week I decided that I wanted to test out Finger Paint- Artistic Azure.  I have used this polish a couple of times to stamp with, but I had never actually worn it alone.  I'm so happy that I did.  I applied 2 coats, and topped it off with a top coat of SV.  The color of the polish is amazing.  Its a deep, rich, but still bright blue.  Depending on the light the color would read differently.  Below are inside pictures without a flash.

I also wanted to show you the nails that I did for my mom and her friend last weekend.  They had their 30th high school reunion and wanted to have their nails done.  My mom loves the stamping so I stamped both ladies' nails.  Here are the results:
Used Ulta Salon Formula Encore Pink as the base (2 Coats) & Concrete Evidence for the stamped imagine
Used Sinful Colors Love Nails as the base (3 coats- this is a very sheer polish) & Finger Paints Artistic Azure for  the all over stamp imagine.  We also added silver flowers to each nail using Wet n Wild Silvivor.
~Nailed by Brittany~

19 New Polishes!!!!

I feel like I should start this post by saying that Brittany is amazing. This coming fall is the 10 year anniversary of our friendship... now you may ask yourself what kind of weirdos celebrate friendship anniversaries, these kind of weirdos that's who. Stop judging. Anyway, I moved back home and away from Brittany and Ericka about 9 months ago. I see them a lot but I've spent an unusual amount of time with Brittany this past week (Ericka has been on a cruise with the ice bergs and polar bears all week). Last Saturday she came to visit, Tuesday we saw Britney Spears, and tomorrow we are going to the bridal shower of one of our friends from high school so I've been spending more time with her then I'm used to. And I'm loving it, mostly because Brittany is the most unintentionally hilarious person I know. For example when I asked her what I should title this post she said "O.P.A... O.P.I.....my......love" it was more awkward then I can make it seem in text, then I asked her what I should write she said "Brittany is amazing" thus this ode to her.

Now on to the nail polish.  My cousin Sarah is a cosmetologist, so she has access to beauty supply stores and discounts that I do not. Last week we were discussing my love of nail polish and she divulged that she could get O.P.I. polishes for $4 or less per bottle. To anyone who has ever paid full price for O.P.I this is quite obviously an amazing deal. So tonight we headed to a store called Cosmo Prof (a cosmetology license is required to shop here). They had some amazing deals so I went a bit overboard. We also made a stop as Sally's because she gets 50% off there. I always love my cousin (we are close like sisters) but I love her a little more today. Here's what I ended up with:
The O.P.I. Nice Stems collection. This includes Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahl-ia Won't You, and I Lily Love You. This was a box set so they are the teeny tiny bottles (1/8oz). I'm pretty sad they didnt have these in bigger bottles because they are all beautiful.
 The next two were also a box set but they are full size bottles. They are the Serena Williams Glam Slam Collection. The purple is Grape...Set...Match and the glitter is Servin' Up Sparkle.
 Once again this is a box set of teeny tiny bottles. I didn't particularly love any of the colors thought they are all pretty but I could not pass this up. I got all 4 bottles for $4.87. They were part of a Halloween collection called Go Goth. These polishes include Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, and Obscurity. They are a bit dark for summer but hopefully they will be pretty for the fall.
 The rest of my O.P.I. haul (from left to right) Lincoln Park After Dark, Cajun Shrimp, Oh So Glam, and DS Magic. The blue one is part of the Designer Series. The entire Designer Series is gorgeous and as soon as I got home I regretted not buying all of them (my wallet did not regret it however).
 The China Glaze polishes were even less expensive than the O.P.I's I so i had to grab a couple of those too. I got Ruby Pumps, White on White, Matte Magic (matte top coat) and Platinum Pieces (a silver crackle).
 I also got Blue Cross cuticle remover, I read on another blog that this is amazing and wanted to give it a shot. It seemed to work pretty well for me. Nothing spectacular but my cuticles actually looked pretty good today. And I got another bottle of Seche Vite top coat, this is always spectacular.
The entire collection all together. Maybe more than I needed but definitely not all that I wanted.
Also just as a side note these are some pics of my nails I took last night. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Black Platinum on the bottom and Ultra Pro Opal Elegance on the top.
And that's the end of this super long post.

~Nailed by Jen~

Britney & Nicki

So on Tuesday, Jen and I went to the Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj Concert!  Yay!  It was amazing :)  Here are a few pics:
Nicki :)

So of course, Jen and I had beautiful nails for the show. For Jen, she used a base coat of Wet n Wild Silvivor and stamped it with ORLY Passion Fruit using plate m78.  I love the silver with bright pink on top.

A little zebra & cheetah print mixture....love!

For my nails, I used Jen's China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy.  This is a bright pinkish orange color.  I was painting my nails inside around 6-7 p.m. and it didn't look that bright, but as soon as we stepped outside it became 20x brighter.  Regardless, it was pretty in artificial and natural light. I added Ultra Pro Opal Elegance to the top for a touch of glitter.  I loved this look.  However, working in a more professional setting, I decided to add the Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love top coat.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a clear picture of it.  However, the really cool thing about this nail polish was that in the black lights at the concert it GLOWED!  It was so pretty!
~Nailed by Jen & Brittany~

Pink Wednesday: Pink Imagination

So since today is Wednesday, I decided to try out our new Finger Paint- Pink Imagination.  It a beautiful pale pink with a whitish glitter/shimmer.  It has been a crazy busy week.  I have been neglecting my duty to post on the blog, and I feel so bad about it, but I promise tomorrow I will show pictures of Jen's and mine nails for the Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj concert :)  P.S.  It was amazing!

Since I didn't get home until late last night from the concert, I just very quickly painted my nails.  I only did one coat, but I kinda liked the the effect that the polish had.  The polish covers nicely, but there was still VNL.
Taken inside with natural light.  Not much sun this evening in Ohio :(

This was the perfect polish to switch up after the crazy brightness of my polish for Britney (I will share tomorrow).  What do you think?  Pretty right!

~Nailed by Brittany

Sinful Shatter

While trying to fight the heat this week, Jen and I decided to paint our nails in the great outdoors. Seeing as how we are not the typical campers (instead of cooking over a fire we prefer to get fast food, watch dvd's, and have a fear of wildlife), nail painting seemed to fit right in with our night. I decided that I wanted to use Shatter since it's been quite some time since I've used it and I wanted to put bright colors underneath since I was in a summer-y mood. However, while trying to paint my nails, a raccoon decided to join our "party" and resulted in very rushed and disastrous results.

I attempted to give this design another try now that I am at home in the air conditioning. To start off, I painted each nail with a white base coat to help the colors pop. Next, I painted horizontal stripes of Sinful Colors Timbleberry, Dream On, Irish Green, and Fly Away. I topped it off with OPI Black Shatter and a layer of SV Top Coat.
Sinful Colors: Timbleberry, Dream On, Irish Green, and Fly Away

~ Nailed by Ericka ~

So I liked Ericka's nails so much when she did them earlier this week that I decided to try it on my own. I'm definitely more partial to brighter colors and I love the way that mine turned out. I used China Glaze Pink Voltage (neon), Celtic Sun (neon), Sexy in the City, and Ultra Pro Lime Light on a white base and then used OPI Black Shatter on the top.
~Nailed by Jen~

Matte-ly Busted on Park Ave.

So I just couldn't wait to try out the new matte top coat that I picked up yesterday.  Last night I decided to try out three of the new polishes that I accidentally purchased yesterday :)  I started with 2 coats of NYC- Park Ave. This is lovely taupey, putty color.  I really liked the color alone, but I keep getting bubbles on my nails.  I think its due to the climate conditions in  my apartment. 
Taken inside with flash
After letting that dry (while as much as it would because our apartment doesn't have central air, and our little wall unit can only do so much) I applied 1 layer of Pure Ice-Busted.  This polish looks purple in the bottle with a duochrome shimmer (greenish-pinkish).  Its really pretty looking in the bottle, and equally pretty on the nail.  I was a little surprised by how sheer it was, but it made it great for layering.  Here is a picture of it over top of Park Ave.
I really struggled to get a picture of this polish and all of its glory.  This was also late last night, taken in my kitchen with a flash.  I tried a couple of pictures, but none were truly successful.  I figured that this picture did give a sense of the shimmer and multi-colorfulness. 

To complete the look, I topped it off with a coat of Hard Candy-Matte-Ly In Love.  I really liked the way that it came out.  While working today, I just keep staring at my nails.  It was fun to watch the different colors come out depending on the light and way I was moving my hands.  There is a beautiful purplish-pink shimmer color that shows up, but I just couldn't get a good picture of it.  I'm adding a few photos to show off this manicure, but nothing truly did it justice.
Probably the best photo to give you the true effect of the matte and duochrome.  This is taken with natural light on my windowsill.

Taken in the shade outside.  You can see the duochrome effect.

Direct sunlight.  It has a silver shimmery look here.
Overall, I really loved this and will hopefully wear it again, but considering I just bought lots of other equally pretty polishes, I will play fair and try out another new one tonight :)

~Nailed by Brittany~

So I may have gone a little overboard...Oops!

So I'm all alone this week.  Ericka and Jen have chosen the hottest week of 2011to go camping.  I'm kinda glad that I'm not roughing it right now.  But the bad thing about them camping, is that leaves me with time to buy things, and by things I mean nail polish.  And that's exactly what I did tonight. 

I hadn't planned on getting a lot.  I really just wanted to go checkout the new Big Lots that just opened by us.  They ended up having a set of 5 E.L.F polishes, so I had to get those!  And there were also some multiple nail art paints, and since we currently only own 1, I thought 'Why not?'  So I ended up getting 9 bottles in total :)
L to R: Purple Pleaser, Mango Madness, Blue Mist, Fuchsia, & Lilac

While at Big Lots, I was thinking about how much I would like to find a matte top coat.  So I decided that I would head to Walmart, just to see if there were any there.  Thankfully there was a Hard Candy Matte Top Coat.  But I also found some other goodies :)  After almost falling not once, but two times in the store (Do you ever slip all over when wearing flip flops on shiny floors?  Well I do!) I ended up getting 2 NYC polishes, 2 Petites, and 1 Pure Ice.
Empire State Blue & Park Ave
Mystical & Black Diamond (so excited for this black holo)
Matte-ly In Love & Busted

I also decided that I just couldn't wait to see how they all look, so I decided to just paint all of my fingers. I didn't remove my old polish first, so I'm sure they will look a little different once they are on a naked nail, but I'm definitely excited for quite a few of these! I took photos, but they did not look pretty at all, and I just can't do that to your eyes.  But here is a picture of all the new goodies!
Sorry for posting this so late, but I'm working on the next post.  And I'm excited :)

~Nailed by Brittany~

Dance (and Stamp) Teal Dawn

Since discovering the wonderful world of nails blogs, the thought of painting my nails a solid color has flown out the window. I really love stamping and can't believe that I was in the dark for so long. There are just so many possibilities! I'm still on a bit of a learning curve (I will blame that on the catholic school I went to that thought wearing nail polish was a crime!) and my clean up definitely needs work. That being said, I was pretty happy with results.

I started off with a base coat topped with two coats of Ulta Salon Formula - Dance Teal Dawn. Since I love sparkles, I added Wet & Wild - Blue Wants to be a Millionaire. The stamp was from Konad plate 63 with Orly - Gum Drop. As always, I finished the job with a coat of SV.
Used Ulta - Dance Teal Dawn & Wet & Wild - Blue Wants to be a Millionaire

Used Orly - Gum Drop & Konad plate 63

~ Nailed by Ericka ~

Finally....The Shelf!

So last weekend after buying 18 new polishes, it became obvious that we needed a new way to display our beautiful and fast-growing collection.  While painting our nails Ericka and I decided that we were going to build our own display shelf.  Now, I consider myself to be fairly handy and crafty and figured that we would be more than capable of building a shelf that not only serve its purpose, but would also be customized to how we wanted it to look.

We started Sunday knowing that by sunset we would have a new amazing display shelf for all of our polishes.  After spending close to an hour sketching and calculating the dimensions and materials that would be needed, we were off to Lowe's.  We currently live less than 2 minutes from Lowe's, and set off thinking that this would be a quick trip.  After searching out all of the materials needed, we headed back to the wood cutting station.  Unfortunately, we only found a sign stating "Out of Order."  It was completely disappointing, and extremely frustrating to discover that what we believed to be a short trip, was going to be much longer.  We returned all the items we had in our cart, and set out to the next closest Lowe's.

Thankfully this Lowe's wood cutting station was in proper working order!  YAY!  So here is  list of materials that we used to build our shelf:
-2 1x4 wood boards
-1 1x2 wood board
-1 8 ft piece of decorative molding
>-1 8ft piece of vinyl stripping
-nails, liquid nails glue, staple gun, & hammer

Here is our little work area.  Sweet Teas from McDonald's was a must!

Here is a close-up of the top.  We stapled the vinyl stripping to the top.

Here are the plates all in place.  Yay!

The finished product.  We still need to paint the shelf, but I think we might need to make another one, cause this one is almost filled.
 Hope you like our pretty shelf.  I still just look at it in amazement. 

~Nailed by Brittany~

Just The Tip

I am in much to silly a mood to be writing anything serious tonight (please see the title of this post) so I'm going to keep it short and simple.
When I went to paint my nails last night I was having a really difficult time picking colors. I typically love bright, neon colors and glitter, but I was actually feeling more of a dark polish, I still couldnt resist the glitter though.
The red color I used is Cherry on Top from Nicole by OPI. Usually when I paint my nails I put on a black or white base coat underneath to brighten or darken the color, so I used ORLY Liquid Vinyl under the red. It ended up making it like a wine color which I thought was really pretty. The french tip is Beware from Pure Ice.

All photo credits go to my brother Joe aka Everett Morningside, II.

~Nailed by Jen~

Funky French

So when I paint my nails, it usually takes me longer to decide on what I want to do compared to the actual painting. Today I spent at least an hour trying to decide what look I was going for. I decided to trying out a stamp and french tip combo.

I started off by painting two coats of China Glaze - Flying Dragon (Neon). I really like this color, but it looks matte once it is put on. I topped this off with a coat of SV to bring out the shine. For the stamping, I used Finger Paints - Paper Mache and Konad plate 73. The Finger Paints seem to work really well with the stampers. I also like to put cuticle oil around my nails before I stamp. It helps get off the overlap on your fingers without too much clean up.

I finished off the look with some Scotch tape to tape off the tip. I used the Paper Mache again. And as always, I finished topped the entire design with a second coat of SV.

Used Finger Paints - Paper Mache, China Glaze - Flying Dragon (Neon), & SV Top Coat
Konad plate 73 stamp and french tip.

~ Nailed by Ericka ~

I Click My Ruby Heels

On Saturday, we purchased 3 bottles of Savvy Femme Couture nail lacquer.  I have used the Touch of Glitter a couple of times, but I wanted to test out the Ruby Slippers.  Its a gorgeous bright red jelly with glitter.  It definitely looks like Dorothy's Ruby Shoes in 'The Wizard of Oz'. I don't usually wear such bright and bold colors, but I just couldn't resist .  It just looks so pretty and sparkly in the bottle.  I did just 2 coats of the polish, and topped it off with a coat of SV.  I really love the color and its absolutely beautiful in the sunlight, but I was a little sad that the glittery-ness didn't show that well inside.
Taken in the evening sun :)

The picture is a little blurry, but it does show the glitter on the pinky.

I love the bottle in this picture!

This was taken with a flash, but as you can see its a little dark inside.
~Nailed by Brittany~

Tickle Me Pink

Considering Wednesdays are for pink, I decided to show one of the lovely new pink polishes that we picked up on Saturday.  Ulta Professional- Tickle Me is a beauty shade of pink, with a hint of purple.  When applying the polish, it looked like it was going to be much more pink than it appeared in the bottle, but once the polished dried it became more lite purplish-pink.  I love this color!  Its such a pretty, girly color that makes me want to smile.  I added Savvy-Touch of Glitter on top just to make it sparkle more in the sun.

Here is the best picture of the glittery top coat.  I'm loving this new polish.  Its just the right amount of sparkle.

 Also here is a little sneak peak of the shelf we built!

~Nailed by Brittany~