19 New Polishes!!!!

I feel like I should start this post by saying that Brittany is amazing. This coming fall is the 10 year anniversary of our friendship... now you may ask yourself what kind of weirdos celebrate friendship anniversaries, these kind of weirdos that's who. Stop judging. Anyway, I moved back home and away from Brittany and Ericka about 9 months ago. I see them a lot but I've spent an unusual amount of time with Brittany this past week (Ericka has been on a cruise with the ice bergs and polar bears all week). Last Saturday she came to visit, Tuesday we saw Britney Spears, and tomorrow we are going to the bridal shower of one of our friends from high school so I've been spending more time with her then I'm used to. And I'm loving it, mostly because Brittany is the most unintentionally hilarious person I know. For example when I asked her what I should title this post she said "O.P.A... O.P.I.....my......love" it was more awkward then I can make it seem in text, then I asked her what I should write she said "Brittany is amazing" thus this ode to her.

Now on to the nail polish.  My cousin Sarah is a cosmetologist, so she has access to beauty supply stores and discounts that I do not. Last week we were discussing my love of nail polish and she divulged that she could get O.P.I. polishes for $4 or less per bottle. To anyone who has ever paid full price for O.P.I this is quite obviously an amazing deal. So tonight we headed to a store called Cosmo Prof (a cosmetology license is required to shop here). They had some amazing deals so I went a bit overboard. We also made a stop as Sally's because she gets 50% off there. I always love my cousin (we are close like sisters) but I love her a little more today. Here's what I ended up with:
The O.P.I. Nice Stems collection. This includes Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, Be a Dahl-ia Won't You, and I Lily Love You. This was a box set so they are the teeny tiny bottles (1/8oz). I'm pretty sad they didnt have these in bigger bottles because they are all beautiful.
 The next two were also a box set but they are full size bottles. They are the Serena Williams Glam Slam Collection. The purple is Grape...Set...Match and the glitter is Servin' Up Sparkle.
 Once again this is a box set of teeny tiny bottles. I didn't particularly love any of the colors thought they are all pretty but I could not pass this up. I got all 4 bottles for $4.87. They were part of a Halloween collection called Go Goth. These polishes include Unripened, Nevermore, Sanguine, and Obscurity. They are a bit dark for summer but hopefully they will be pretty for the fall.
 The rest of my O.P.I. haul (from left to right) Lincoln Park After Dark, Cajun Shrimp, Oh So Glam, and DS Magic. The blue one is part of the Designer Series. The entire Designer Series is gorgeous and as soon as I got home I regretted not buying all of them (my wallet did not regret it however).
 The China Glaze polishes were even less expensive than the O.P.I's I so i had to grab a couple of those too. I got Ruby Pumps, White on White, Matte Magic (matte top coat) and Platinum Pieces (a silver crackle).
 I also got Blue Cross cuticle remover, I read on another blog that this is amazing and wanted to give it a shot. It seemed to work pretty well for me. Nothing spectacular but my cuticles actually looked pretty good today. And I got another bottle of Seche Vite top coat, this is always spectacular.
The entire collection all together. Maybe more than I needed but definitely not all that I wanted.
Also just as a side note these are some pics of my nails I took last night. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Black Platinum on the bottom and Ultra Pro Opal Elegance on the top.
And that's the end of this super long post.

~Nailed by Jen~


Ice Queen | July 30, 2011 at 9:07 AM

Nice haulage. :D

May I borrow your cousin? :D ^^

Brittany, Jen, & Ericka | August 1, 2011 at 8:34 PM

Haha she is pretty handy to have around... you can borrow her anytime ;)

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