Saturday's Haul

So this past weekend was all about nail polish.  On Friday night, Ericka and I began working on this blog, then Saturday was nail polish buying day, and Sunday was spent building a shelving unit for our growing nail polish collection (We will be posting these pictures soon!)

We went to Ulta, and Sally's Beauty Supply.  A total of 18 bottles, and 1 bottle of acetone was purchased.  Here is a picture of it all:

The haul included 6 Ulta nail polishes, 3 Savvy polishes, 3 China Glazes, 3 Finger Paints, 1 Barielle, and 2 top coats.  Here are pictures of each kind:

Savvy Femme Coulture: (L to R) Touch of Glitter, Ruby Slippers, & Red Caviar

Ulta Professional : Underground, Tickle Me  Ulta Salon Formula: Brownette, Concrete Evidence, Little Black Dress, & Encore Pink

Finger Paints: Paper Mache, Hue Left a Message?, & Pink Imagination

Top Coats: Seche Vite, & Diamond Dry  Barielle Shades: Snow Day

China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise (Neon), Flying Dagon (Neon), & Cha Cha Cha
We are working on testing all these pretty polishes, but for now I can show you my manicure today.  I did a simple french tip with Savvy-Touch of Glitter to add a little sparkle.  I also added a flower stamp to dress it up.  This is actually my first time doing an accent nail.  I'm liking it :)

~Nailed by Brittany~

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