Lite Pink

Real life has gotten especially busy lately, leaving me with little time to paint my nails, let alone write about it. So I'm keeping this post short. For the month of October Sally's has a display of all pink polishes for breast cancer awareness. I picked up today's polish, China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted,  on a whim and actually by the time I got it home I wasn't particularly fond of it as it looked in the bottle.

3 Coats Exceptionally Gifted topped with SV
However this polish turned out to be a nice surprise, what looked like a dull medium pink in the bottle turned out to be a shimmery light pink on the nail. The formula was a bit shear but with 3 coats I got decent coverage.

In florescent lighting.
My only issue, and I seem to have this problem with all China Glaze polishes, is that after a day (or less) it started chipping off in flakes. Does anyone else have this problem with China Glaze?

~Nailed by Jen~

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