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Since the nail painting craze started this summer, my students are just starting to notice that my nails are different nearly every day. They've taken this as a sign that I'm open for suggestions and they should request looks they would like to see. Don't get me wrong... I love new ideas and inspiration. I only wish they were half as concerned with learning as they are with my nails :)

With a great suggestion from one of them, I decided to test out "newspaper nails" this weekend. We had some ads laying around the apartment and I googled what to do. The suggestions including using rubbing alcohol, almond extract, or vodka. I chose vodka :) We have collected quite a stash and never drink it, so I figured why not use it for my nails?

I started off the mani by painting 2 coats of OPI - Play the Peonies. I really love this color and the shimmer it gives off. To prep the newspaper-ing, I cut out 10 rectangles of print from the ads (btw these were not glossy ads... just black ink). Being that it was my first time, I experimented using texts of varying sizes and fonts. After the base color was completely dry (and without a topcoat), I dipped each rectangle into a tiny bit of vodka and placed it over my nail. I left the paper on for a few minutes and then peeled them off to find a terrific surprise. Almost all of my nails worked on attempt number one! I immediately put on a top coat and called it a day :)
Outside in the sun. I swear I'm not a giant... it's just a mini-bottle :)

My pointer on my right hand could have used some more text!

Yum! My delicious sandwich at Melt :)
Has anyone else ever tried newspaper nails? Let me know. I'd love to see them!

~ Nailed by Ericka ~


Fingers | August 29, 2011 at 5:32 AM

I've seen this around-looks really cool!

Let's Get Nailed | August 29, 2011 at 2:52 PM

Fingers - I really loved it! Have you given it a try?

kala moore | August 30, 2011 at 9:15 PM

Ericka, I'm definitley going to have to try this! i saw a nail tutorial for it a few days agai and just looks so incredible! In the tutorial the girl did a base coat of a flat light grey color, and painted a red rose on both ring fingers(and she used rubbing alcohol insted of vodka, but she had a hard time with it). It was so pretty and vintage looking! I looove that play the peonies color with it tho! the grey was nice, but the peonies looks better for sure.

Let's Get Nailed | September 1, 2011 at 3:33 PM

Kala - Definitely give this a try. I would suggest vodka because then you can have a little drink too :)

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