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Earlier this summer, we got the chance to see Katy Perry in concert. She was amazing. Prior to the concert I was inspired to order the O.P.I. Katy Perry collection. Unfortunately it didn't arrive before the concert. In fact it didn't arrive at all. After a few weeks I sent an email to the sender, when that went ignored I turned to Amazon. My money was refunded immediately by Amazon which was nice, but I still didn't have my polishes. I used my refund money to buy the collection from another seller and thankfully it arrived within 2 days. And I couldn't wait to use it. Also I apologize in advance because this post is long and pic heavy.

Not Like The Movies; Last Friday Night; The One That Got Away; Teenage Dream

In my excitement to use the polishes I didn't really get any good photos of them. So this weekend Joe and I set up a photo shoot with swatches of the polishes and assorted candies and sweets, since that was the theme of the concert. I'm pretty proud of the pictures in spite of the terrible lighting we have in our house.
3 Coats of 'Not Like The Movies'
'Not Like The Movies' is a metallic that looks silver, lavender, or green depending on the angle and the lighting. There are also some small flecks of glitter in this shade. I liked the color but its definitely my least favorite of the collection. It took 3 coats to achieve opacity and still ended up a bit streaky. When I wore this for more than a swatch, I put Black Shatter (also included in the collection) on top and I really liked the results I got from that. 
Not Like The Movies + Some Gummy Bears
3 Coats of 'Last Friday Night'
Last Friday Night is a light blue base with tiny foil glitters and larger blue, pink and purple hexagonal glitters. This is by far my favorite in the bottles but sadly the bright blue of this polish does not translate well onto my nails. The photos show my nails with 3 coats and its still pretty sheer on its own. I tried this on a variety of base colors but nothing captured the beauty of the polish that you see in the bottle.

Last Friday Night + Blue Cotton Candy
2 Coats of "The One That Got Away'
The One That Got Away was a pleasant surprise for me. In the bottle it just looks like a standard raspberry colored polish but on my nails it was beautiful. Its hard to capture the glitter essence of this polish in the photos but it was shiny and glittery and it went on beautifully in 2 coats. I have some other photos of this in natural light that I will post later because it is gorgeous.

'The One That Got Away' + Some Peppermint Candies
1 Coat 'Teenage Dream' Over 2 Coats "Pink Voltage'
Teenage Dream is color that is similar in formula to Last Friday Night. I must say that I prefer Teenage Dream though, in large part because I found a base color that makes it look gorgeous. Teenage Dream is a light pink base with small pink glitters and large hexagonal holos. Unlike Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream actually layers pretty well and isn't so sheer, but I still like it better on a base color. I chose China Glaze Pink Voltage. Pink Voltage is a neon pink and is probably my favorite color at the moment. When I put Teenage Dream on top I was told that my nails looked like something a Barbie doll would wear. To some people this would be offensive, for me it was about the best thing you could tell me. I loved the way this one turned out.

Teenage Dream + Pink Cotton Candy
Katy Perry!!
So that's it for the swatches. I had very high expectations for this collection so I was a bit disappointed that I didn't absolutely love every color. Still in general I liked the collection and I'm sure these colors will be making future appearances on the blog.

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Jacki | August 24, 2011 at 6:29 AM

I got this whole collection a little over a month ago and felt the same. I love love love Teenage Dream, was pleasantly surprised with The One That Got Away, wished Last Friday Night would be less sheer, and disliked Not Like The Movies unless it was under the black shatter.

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