I've been Seduced

To continue my new China Glaze kick, I've decided to show you another polish that I purchased from Sally's the last time I was in my hometown.  I picked up China Glaze Seduced.  This is a beautiful burgundy creme.  The application of this polish was wonderful.  I did 2 coats plus a top coat of Diamond Dry.  However, due to our awesome lack of a/c in the apartment my nails got a weird texture....so just ignore that.  Also this color was really interesting.  Depending on what type of lighting there was, the polish went from almost a bright red burgundy to a very deep burgundy.  I, personally, really liked when it was a deeper, darker burgundy color.  I think I might be ready for the fall colors.
Taken outside in the shade, no flash.
Picture taken outside in the sun.
On a non-nail note, as Ericka had mentioned in a prior post 'The Avengers' is being filmed on the street that I work at.  Well today was the first real day of filming.  From my office, I was able to see the street that they were filming from the reflection off the empty building beside me.  They were filming a scene with police cars, and lots of extras screaming.  Of course, that was all I was really able to see, but hopefully tomorrow we will walk down there tomorrow during lunch. If I can get any good pictures, I'll be sure to share :)

~Nailed By Brittany~


Jacki | August 17, 2011 at 6:00 AM

Love this color!! And that's super neat about Avengers!!

Let's Get Nailed | August 21, 2011 at 1:40 PM

Thanks! We went again on Saturday and got to see Chris Evans....it was very exciting :)

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