Puppy Paws

For the last few years at every Christmas, birthday or other gift giving occasion I've only had one request.... a puppy! This year my brother finally caved in to my begging and got one. She is an adorable black Labrador/Airdale Terrier mix named Ellie. She is still a puppy but even now she is a big dog, I however have chosen to treat her like she is a tiny fashionable dog, pretty pink collars, sweaters and of course sharing my obsession with nail polish. I found some doggy nail polish on amazon and ordered it right away. The brand was Color Paw and the color Hot Pink.

She has 3 black paws and 1 white one, the polish really only showed up on the white. Plus she only held still long enough for me to paint 2 paws anyway :) 

I'll be totally honest the bottle says long lasting, quick drying and covers in one coat and while it did cover in one coat it didn't last long, about 1 day on the doggy nails. It took a few minutes to dry as well and anyone who has ever tried to make a puppy lay still for 10 minute can sympathize with the challenge this was. Anyway after I finished Ellie's nails I decided I liked the color for myself. In a collection of over 200 polishes at least 1/4 of which are pink I did not have a single color that looked like this one. So I painted my own nails with the Color Paw puppy polish.

While the formula was a bit thin but I was actually pretty impressed with the polish. It covered in 2 coats and had a particularly nice finish, glossy and sort of plastic looking when it was dry. Unlike on the dog it had good wear on me with little to no chipping, probably because I don't use my hands to walk like she does.

2 Coats Color Paw Hot Pink with SV in natural light.
And just in case you were interested here is what the rest of my adorable puppy looks like.

Thanks for reading... and I promise we'll be back to posting all human nails tomorrow :)
~Nailed by Jen~

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