In the Spotlight at the Breaking Dawn Premiere

Sorry that we haven't posted in forever, but life has been crazy lately.  As you know, Jen and I went on a little vacation together.  We actually went to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for a 9 day vacation.  It was beyond amazing.  The best part was that we were able to attend The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere.  Lets just say that it was beyond amazing.  All of us are really big fans of the books and the movies, so being able to see the stars up close and getting to watch the movie 4 days early was awesome.

However, I didn't keep up with my duty of taking photos of my nails.  I was able to get a few photos the day of the premiere, but the rest of the days were not as successful.  And the photos that I did take didn't turn out the best because of the red nail polish I was wearing the day before.  But I hope the other pictures will make up for the fact that these nail photos kinda suck.  I used Ulta Concrete and added Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight (thanks mom!) on my accent nail.

And here some of the pictures from the premiere:
Ashley Green aka Alice Cullen

Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan

Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen

Nikki Reed aka Rosalie Cullen

Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen

Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen
Again, sorry for the lack of posting.  I hope you all enjoyed the photos and we will definitely try to get back to posting on a regular basis.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend!

~Nailed by Brittany~

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