A Crewed Interest

I rarely wear nude/neutral polishes, I own very few and I like even less so I was super psyched to finally find a nude I could get on board with (that sounded dirtier than I meant it to!). Essie's A Crewed Interest is a pale peach cream and is just one amazing color in Essie's Spring 2012 collection, most of which I now own thanks to Brittany and her peer pressure, don't worry I talked her into a few pricey polishes as well.

There is a bit of a pink undertone in this polish which I really think made all the difference. Its unusual to find a nude that's flattering on me, my skin is very pale! I've seen A Crewed Interest swatched in a few different places and one of the best things about it is how different, yet equally flattering, it looks on different people. And as I mentioned above the application is great, these pictures are of just 2 (thick) coats and a top coat.

~Nailed by Jen~

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